Free motion quilting with the three-finger gloves

Free-motion quilting by machine depends on precision and smooth hand movement. In addition, the production of quilted products is a very lengthy work process. This means that the hands need a certain grip on the three layers of fabric in order not to slip. 


These Regi's Grip quilting gloves provide grip and mobility, thus making quilting much easier and more enjoyable. 

With Regi's Grip you can easily move the fabric under the sewing foot and work precisely!


Palm nubs

Regi's Grip are made of a non-slip material on the Palm for an ideal grip. This gives you good control and maintains flexibility.

Elastic and light

Regi's Grip are made of light and breathable fabric. This enhances your work and avoids sweaty hands.

Quick and easy

The elastic material allows Regi's Grip to be easily pulled out to adjust the sewing machine and stay on the wrist.

Regi's Grip are available in all sizes

With Regi's Grip, value is placed not only on functionality and quality, but also on design. After all, the hands also want to look beautiful and elegant while working. You can choose between different colors and patterns.